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Safari Park Open Zoo

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Safari Park Open Zoo It is the first open zoo in Kanchanaburi. Located in Bo Phloi District Away from Kanchanaburi town 40 kilometers, is a small open zoo that looks like Safari World. By dividing different sections into 8 open zoo zones.

Kanchanaburi Open Zoo (Safari Park) is an open zoo on an area of 500 rai that is popular with tourists who want to see animals up close to nature. The most inviting feature is Familiar images from photographs The giraffes here lean forward to receive food from the tourists in the car. or eating food that is fed by mouth

This is an open zoo where we can take our own car. Alternatively, you can choose to take the bus from the zoo, which is also free and available, which is better because there are people to guide you during the tour.

The animals here are raised freely. close to nature and familiar with people There are many species that are divided into zones. Fancy colored floof deer, rusa deer, star deer, emu, bear, buffalo, tiger, leopard, giraffe, llama, lion, giraffe, zebra, ostrich, flamingo, etc.

The beast zone must be watched carefully. Do not open the window for those animals such as tigers, lions, buffaloes to come close. The best is long neck giraffe very familiar with people If the car opens the window, it will come up to greet you and take the food to your seat. Not only giraffes, but also deer and zebras.

The show is another thing that the open zoo cannot be missed. Here there is an elephant show. and crocodiles to watch several times a day

There is a spot to take pictures with tigers, macaws, and keep them as souvenirs.

In addition, the service of this place is also open as a camp for excursions. Scout camp, Ethics camp, Dharma practice as well

It is another attraction for the whole family, where kids can get more excited about getting up close to giraffes than at other zoos.