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Sai Yok Noi Waterfall

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SaiYokNoi waterfall, known by local residence as Nam TokKhaoPung, has been widely famous for a long time. The name KhaoPung which means crumbled mountain derived from the natural occurrence of the waterfall: eroded limestone cliffs became steeps that descended down in many levels to the foothills. Water comes from top of the mountain flowing down small waterways and finally falls down to the 15 metres high limestone crag. Freely gliding water on slopes of the hill under peaceful shades of various kinds of trees together with some reeds growing along the waterside and cool breeze is such a breathtaking beauty. All in all, Sai YokNoi waterfall giveswonderful impressions especially on nature lovers so it attracts great numbers of tourists annually. Travelling to SaiYokNoi is not difficult. From the center of Kanchanaburi, take main road number 323 (Kanchanaburi-SaiYok-Thong PhaPhum).