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Prathat Cave

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Phra That Cave is about 12 kilometers from the Erawan National Park Office. With a length of about 200 meters, with stalagmites and stalactites, beautiful shapes. The highlight of Phra That Cave is most of the stones are translucent and has sandstone shaped like relics. There are also master pillars in the cave as well. The cave is divided into 5 rooms, including frogs, hibernation, planetariums, veil pillars and bells. Phra That Cave can provide knowledge of geology and the earthquake too because there are signs of the fault condition caused by natural phenomena and earthquake.

It is a big cave; around 200 metres wide and there are a lot of awesome stalactites and stalagmites, some even translucent. Before getting inside the cave, visitors need to ask for a guide to navigate you throughout the cave. You need to be there before 3 p.m! You have to walk a mile up the mountain, on a series of uneven, slippery stairs, through the humid and mosquito infested jungle.

At the entrance, the guide was waiting to take people into the cave with headlights on, into a small, slippery opening and then, there it was; tall, beautiful and spacious with lots of pretty and interesting formations. It always feels like a different world inside caves. The atmosphere combined with the gas lamp our guide was holding, was kind of magical.