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Lawa Cave

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Lawa Cave is located in Wang Krachae Subdistrict, Sai Yok District, Kanchanaburi Province. It is one of the first caves in the province to be discovered along with ancient human skeletons in the cave. It is speculated that it may have been inhabited by prehistoric humans. This cave is probably over 3,000 years old. Local was the one who discovered the cave before the year 1953. Later, the Fine Arts Department has been excavating the cave. Therefore, the human skeleton was found. Decorations tools and ancient pottery Although the entrance is quite small, but inside the cave is quite large and spacious which will be divided into different rooms. Each room will have a different style.

Inside Lawa Cave, water can be found dripping from the ceiling of the cave and water seeping from the floor is normal. Because it is said that this cave is constantly forming and changing shape. Small water droplets on the ceiling of this cave, will have a weak acidic effect because it passes through the air, soil, and various organic substances. When flowing through the limestone in this cave, it will gradually solidify into stalactites, and part of it will drip down and accumulate on the ground to become stalagmites that we know well sure enough.

The walking path of Lawa Cave will enter and exit the same way, the rooms will be arranged in an orderly manner. There is a sign that clearly states the name of the room. And there are lights on both sides of the road. The first room is called the Hanuman Room. It is about 45 meters from the mouth of the cave. The second room found is called the Crocodile Room with a large stalactite like a crocodile perched on the ceiling. The third room is the music room with a stone. When knocking, there will be an echoing sound throughout the cave.

Later, the fourth room, the Bat Room, is a tall and wide cave hall. In the past, more than a thousand bats lived in this area, but now they have moved to other caves instead. Arrived at the fifth room, the last room is Hong Man Ban Thom room, contains stalagmites, stalactites, stone columns, landslides, and silica-shining stones. The stalagmites and stalactites are very beautiful because they are constantly growing. It resembles the curtain of a large bedroom. You can also see the image of the river flowing down from the rock crevice as well. The cave walls and columns were filled with sparkling crystals. When hits by light, it made this room like a bed room in a palace with diamond curtains sparkling throughout the room.

In addition, inside Lawa Cave, there is a Buddha image enshrined for you to pay homage to. The stalagmites and stalactites here give you the feeling of walking in Lab Lae town. Therefore, making this place another place for filming of Chak Wong dramas as well. It is considered a tourist attraction of Kanchanaburi at the most unseen and have to pin it.