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Mon Bridge, Sangklaburi.

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Mon Bridge is located in Sangkhlaburi, Kanchanaburi, Thailand. It is the real attraction of the city. The Saphan Mony (in Thai) is a wooden bridge built by the Mon that connects the Thai side of the city to Wangkha, the Mon Part. With 445 meters, it is the longest bridge of its kind. Originally it was also used by vehicles but is now only a pedestrian bridge, cars and motorbikes use the concrete bridge, a little further. At the beginning of the Mon Bridge, you will find a donation box for the maintenance of the bridge. Sangkhlaburi Mon bridge a particularly interesting place to watch the sunset, and why not while dining in then the small restaurant at the beginning of the bridge, on the right, on the Thai side.

Mon Bridge Bridge Also known as Uttamanusorn, it is the longest wooden bridge in Thailand with a length of 445 meters and is the second longest wooden bridge in the world after U Bein Bridge. In Burma is a bridge that crosses the Songkalia River. at Nong Lu Subdistrict Sangkhlaburi District Kanchanaburi.

This bridge was built by Father Uttama Abbot of Wat Wang Wiwekaram in the year 1986 until 1987 using the labor of the Mon people. It is a wooden bridge used for roaming around by Mon and Thai people who live in this area. Currently, it is one of the famous tourist attractions in Kanchanaburi Province.

On July 28, 2013 at 6:30 p.m., the Uttamanuson Bridge was broken into two pieces in the middle of the bridge. Length of about 30 meters due to heavy rains for up to 3 consecutive days, causing wild water to flow rapidly from Thung Yai Naresuan. Blowing stumps into the Tsongalia River Collision with the bridge towers caused the center to break and damage increased to 70 meters by noon the following day.

After a year, the repairs on the bridge were still unfinished. and exceeded the contract for 120 days due to the problem of the contractor company that had a problem unable to bring the timber that had to be transported from the northeastern region to be repaired due to fear that it would be illegal.

The Uttamanusorn Bridge was eventually repaired by engineers from the 9th Infantry Division (Ph.R. 9), Surasi Camp, together with villagers in the area. It only took 29 days, and the official reopening ceremony was held on October 18, 2014, which was the 104th birthday of Luang Por Uttama with a light and sound show.