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River Kwai Bridge

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The first version of the bridge was completed in February 1943, was all wood in April of the same year, a second bridge of steel was constructed. It was in use for 20 months before the allies bombed in 1945. It was rebuilt after the war the curved portions of the bridge are original.

Bridge over the River Kwai It is a bridge over the River Kwai Yai, a semicircular steel structure. switch knit structure reinforced concrete pier It is located in Tambon Tha Makham. Mueang Kanchanaburi District Kanchanaburi away from the city to the north Along the National Highway No. 323, about 4 kilometers, turn left for about 400 meters. Currently, it is used as a thoroughfare for the Thon Buri - Nam Tok Railway or the Death Railway in the past.

Bridge over the River Kwai, it was originally built by the labor of Allied prisoners of war. under the control of the Japanese Army Construction took only a year to complete. before being bombed by the Allied Air Force until the middle bridge collapsed. Later, after the end of the World War. The Thai government bought this railway from England for 50 million baht and renovated it in 1946. The repair at that time collapsed the central pier (5-6th) and built. It is a 2-span steel bridge instead of the original one, with the end-end wooden bridge replaced to a steel bridge instead of a wooden bridge. The total length of the bridge is 322.90 meters.

The current bridge over the River Kwai Has become one of the important symbols of Kanchanaburi. has been regarded as "A symbol of peace” The story about this bridge has also been made into a Hollywood movie such as The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957), based on the novel of the same name. and the movie "The Railway Man Revenge on the Bridge over the River Kwai" (2013), which was based on the biography of a prisoner of war. Contributors to the Bridge on the River Kwai in addition, Kanchanaburi organizes an annual River Kwai Bridge Week every year, which features sound and sound performances. Reminiscing on World War II.

The bridge over the River Kwai is of great importance. It is the most important bridge of the Death Railway. Built during World War II, the Japanese army recruited 61,700 Allied prisoners of war, including British, American, Australian, Dutch and New Zealand soldiers, together with many Chinese, Vietnamese, Javanese, Malay, Thai, Burmese and Indian workers to construct a strategic railway line. as a route through to Burma in which a certain route must cross the Kwae Yai River Therefore, a bridge had to be built. The construction of this bridge and railway line full of difficulties. The brutality of war and disease as well as food shortages causing tens of thousands of prisoners of war to die

The bridge over the River Kwai took only a month to build. The steel from Malay was assembled into pieces. The middle part was made of 11 steel spans. The head and the bridge frame were wooden. An official inauguration ceremony was held on December 25, 1943. In November 1944, it was bombed several times until the middle bridge was broken. After the war ended The Thai government has renovated it with square steel in 1946 until it can be used. symbol of peace